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Listen Up!

We hosted the "Stories of Race in Woods Hole: Listening as Allyship" July 17, 2019 as a way to have the voices of the underrepresented people of color in Woods Hole (and Falmouth) anonymously share their experiences with racism and racial bias. Our goal was to create a setting where their voices were heard, where they would not be interrupted or have their stories denied or minimized. A space where listeners were challenged to think about their community and how people of color's experiences are different than theirs. A space where listeners could learn how to be [better] allies.

The encouragement, support and feedback we received from that event was overwhelming, and thus we've decided to make this a series rather than just a one time event! We have decided to call it "Listen Up!".

Our goal is for each listening session to be different people sharing different stories, but they all have the same rules: come with an open mind, be respectful and NO talking. These listening sessions are to listen, learn and reflect on what you hear; not to debate, critique or minimize these stories or how the storytellers feel. We hope to share stories from people of all marginalized groups.

With permission from each story teller, we will post the recordings or transcriptions on this page for you to read listen to. Or, we will post links to stories written about the events where stories can be read. We do encourage you to attend the event, as you can imagine, it is more powerful in the setting we create.

Read about our events and the stories that were shared by clicking the below links:

Following our most recent Listen Up! Mia Galvam from Falmouth Academy wrote the below article in the Falmouth Academy Chandlery:

SOC: Listen Up! Experiences of Students of Color on the Cape

Following the first event, Elianna Spitzer from The Falmouth Enterprise wrote the below article:

Stories About Race Issues In Woods Hole, Falmouth Resonate At Listening Event

Falmouth Academy students and faculty, Falmouth Public Schools students and faculty, and members of the Woods Hole DAC who participated in organizing and hosting the Listen Up! event on March 3, 2020

Upcoming Listen Up! Events

There are no upcoming events.

Previous Listen Up! Events

Listen Up! Experiences from Students of Color on the Cape

Held March 3, 2020 at Falmouth Academy - this was our first event highlighting the experience of students of color. The event was a collaboration between the Woods Hole DAC, Falmouth Academy, and Falmouth High School. Read about the event from a students perspective by clicking here.

Listen Up! Stories of Race on the Cape

Held on September 19, 2019 this was our second listening session focusing on the experience of people of color on the Cape. This was a partnership between St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and the Woods Hole DAC.

Listen Up! Stories of Race in Woods Hole: Listening as Allyship

Held July 17, 2019. This was the first Listen Up! event hosted by the Woods Hole DAC.