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Black History Month Student Contest

This year’s Black History Month theme is Black health and wellness.  For the Woods Hole Black History Month student contest we are asking students to think about innovative ways to help alleviate healthcare disparities in the African American community. Health disparities are defined as inequities in access or the quality of treatment based on racial, socio-economic, geographical residence, or other marginalized demographics.

Contest information:
Propose a solution to eliminating an existing healthcare disparity affecting African-Americans. Then, in the media of your choice, demonstrate how your idea will promote health and wellness equity for African-Americans. This activity is an exercise of possibilities. We encourage you to eliminate traditional obstacles, such as financial resourcing or present-day policies. In other words, your only limitation is your imagination. Examples of creative entries include, but are not limited to creative writing, studio art, photography, video, audio recording, poetry, and analytical writing.

Who is eligible:
All students in grades 7 to 12 are encouraged to participate! (individual and group projects welcome)

When are submissions due:
Submissions are welcome throughout the month of February. Final day to submit your art is February 28 @ 11:59 PM EST.

If it is a physical piece of work:
Please send an email to Carol DiFalco at cdifalco@falmouthacademy and we will arrange for your work to be picked up/dropped off.

Showcasing your art:
Art will be showcased on the WH BHM website. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. In addition, two $500 prizes will be awarded to the most thought-provoking entries, which provide a compelling explanation to achieve health equity within the African American community.

Please contact Carol DiFalco,

Contest winners will be notified in early March.