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The Woods Hole Research Center is dedicated to science, education and public policy for a habitable Earth. We seek to conserve and sustain forests, soils, water, and energy by demonstrating their value to human health and economic prosperity.

We work locally and regionally, assisting communities with resource management, and internationally, promoting policies that stabilize climate and protect the integrity of the global environment. The Woods Hole Research Center sponsors initiatives in the Amazon, Africa, the Arctic, Russia, Boreal North America, the Mid-Atlantic, New England and Cape Cod. Our programs focus on the global carbon cycle, forest function, landcover/land use, science in public affairs, and education, providing primary data on the changes in land use around the world and enabling better appraisals of the trends in forests that influence their role in the global carbon budget.

Founded in 1985 by George Woodwell, the Woods Hole Research Center has approximately 40 staff members, consisting of scientists, international law and policy experts, researchers, and administrative staff. Funding is provided through government grants; corporate and foundation support; and individual donors.

The Center’s main facility, located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, was completed in 2003 and is a high performance facility producing more energy than it consumes, and operating without the combustion of fossil fuel, the primary contributor to global warming. The building received a first prize in the 2004 Northeast Green Building Award, given by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), and was cited by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in as one of the nation’s ten best examples of “green design” in the AIA/COTE 2004 Top Ten Green Projects competition.

Woods Hole Research Center Links
  • Polaris Project
    The Polaris Project engages cohorts of students in field research to tackle one of humanity’s greatest challenges – global climate change – in one of Earth’s most remote and vulnerable environments: the Arctic.
  • Employment
    Job openings at the Woods Hole Research Center are posted when available.

Linda Wan

WHRC Summer intern Linda Wan measures soil gas flux.