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SEA Education Association (SEA) offers college students a semester overseas that challenges them intellectually and physically by combining study of the deep ocean with the sailing adventure of a lifetime.

SEA's role in education today is an important one: to prepare our students for the CHALLENGES they will face in an increasingly complex society. We believe that decision making and problem-solving skills, along with self-confidence, humility, and respect for others, can be learned most memorably through experiences that are academically, physically, and emotionally challenging

We are committed to providing OPPORTUNITIES for our students to gain deeper insights into our ocean planet. In studying the ocean environment, students come to realize the enormous influence it has on their lives and on the world beyond them. For many, the EXPERIENCE stirs excitement and curiosity for discovery and exploration.

Our VISION is to remain at the leading edge of undergraduate education in the marine sciences. We will continue to provide programs whose magic lies in the combination of knowledge gleaned in the classroom and its application at sea. We are dedicated to helping our students grow in their respect for and understanding of themselves and others as well as our planet.

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SEA Martime history students mapping their course with Dr. Matthew McKenzie.