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In 2004 the leaders of six Woods Hole science institutions signed a memorandum committing their institutions to work together to attract and retain a more diverse workforce. That memorandum established the Woods Hole Scientific Community Diversity Initiative.

The Diversity Initiative in turn established an advisory committee to make recommendations as to how the institutions can make the village a more diverse, more inclusive community. This Web site is run by that advisory committee, the Woods Hole Diversity Advisory Committee.

In early 2005 the Diversity Advisory Committee began making recommendations about ways the science institutions can do a better job of welcoming students, scholars, visitors, researchers and all other employees.

The Advisory Committee also developed this Web site to:

  • Raise awareness of the diversity that does exist in our community
  • List resources for people living in the Woods Hole/Upper Cape area
  • Display educational and job opportunities
  • Spread the word about what a good place this is to live and work
  • Help create a better life for all of us and make Woods Hole an even better place to live

Contact Information:
Please contact individuals on the "Committee Members" page for information of respective Woods Hole scientific institutions.

For feedback/comments about this site, contact Dr. Hauke Kite-Powell hauke@whoi.edu.

dogfish project

Dr. Joseph Love (left), University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and masters candidate Brandon Fortt (right) working on a dogfish project aboard the NOAA Fisheries R/V Albatross.